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Although he signed several treaties (notably the Fort Atkinson Treaty of July 27, 1852, and the Little Arkansas River Treaty of October 18, 1865), Dohosan had little regard for the white man and his agreements.

He believed that Indians should fight to retain their lands and rights as free people.

La Harpe in 1719, after being in the now Oklahoma area, mentioned the tribe as “Quataquios” living on the Arkansas River as neighbors of the Tawakoni.

The Swiss Papal Guard is the oldest active military unit in continual existence since 1506.

Generally, such practices ought to be left to trained clergy. About 15 percent of all hospitals in the United States are Catholic hospitals.

In some parts of the world, the Catholic Church provides the only healthcare, education and social services available to people. The Catholic Church spends more money than Apple brings in.

Of course, any person who enters heaven is a saint, by definition, so it is certain the number of actual saints in existence is much greater than the number recognized by the Church. Any Catholic may perform an emergency baptism, such as if a person is in grave danger of death.

In such a case, the validity of the baptism only depends upon the wishes of the person being baptized, that they desire the baptism.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo® of Manalo, what have you contribution for the entire Christian Church?

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