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Her opponents started off grinning at the temerity of a slight young girl attacking them, and then rapidly passed through various stages of puzzlement, doubt, concern, and abject gibbering terror as they apparently became the center of a flashing, tightening circle of steel. The rankest actor in the city's theater was a multi-skilled master of thespianism by comparison to them, but it wouldn't occur to anyone to line the streets and shout out his name. 279-280)He had to admit that it wasn't a very good line.

Her opponents started off grinning at the temerity of a slight young girl attacking them, and then rapidly passed through various stages of puzzlement, doubt, concern, and abject gibbering terror as they apparently became the center of a flashing, tightening circle of steel. Possibly the Creator of the universe got bored with all the usual business of axial inclination, albedos and rotational velocities, and decided to have a bit of fun for once. You didn't put people on a slab with candles and lilies all round them because you think they've got a bit of a headache and want a nice lie down for half an hour. 32)It's like the difference between seeing a beautiful new star in the winter sky and actually being close to the supernova.

But..I was on guard down in the crypts, sometimes, there was a room...there was gratings and things...well, you could hear water gushing...""From everyone's.

Because of all the fighting in the time of the False Prophet Zog. Well, one of the deacons goes behinds a curtain and pulls a lever.

It watched him stagger off through the bushes, and settled down to feeling the sun on its leaves, the slurp and gurgle of the water in its roots, and the very ebb and flow of its sap in response to the natural tug of the sun and moon. It may, however, help to explain why Gandalf never got married and why Merlin was a man. As if being philosophical about it will earn you marks! Try telling my knees they're as old as they think and see what good it does you. And they go by separate ways to a valley among the leafless trees. Because the universe was full of ignorance all around and the scientist panned through it like a prospector crouched over a mountain stream, looking for the gold of knowledge among the gravel of unreason, the sand of uncertainty and the little whiskery eight-legged swimming things of superstition. 1)For example, when an obvious innocent sits down with three experienced card sharpers and says "How do you play this game, then? If you want to amount to anything as a witch, Magrat Garlick, you got to learn three things.

Because this is also a story about sex, although probably not in the athletic, tumbling, count-the-legs-and-divide-by-two sense unless the characters get totally beyond the author's control. It was, in fact, one of those places that exist merely so that people can have come from them. 49)You have the effrontery to be squeamish, it thought at him. We were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless, and terrible. But basically, she say ‘Is that the legendary Sceptre of Magma who was King of the Mountain, Smiter of Thousands, Yea, Even Tens of Thousands, Ruler of the Golden River, Master of the Bridges, Delver in Dark Places, Crusher of Many Enemies,'" he took a deep breath, "'in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? 100)He was used to important people, or at least to people who thought they were important. My head knows how to think young, but my knees aren't that good at it. ", someone is about to be shaken down until their teeth fall out. What's real, what's not real, and what's the difference—" (p.

Hey, kids, which part do you think they made your town out of? It was such a look that a microbe might encounter if it could see up from the bottom end of the microscope. The planet Earth is now banned to an alien races until they can compare notes and find out how many, if any, real humans they have actually got. In that case, how come so many of the rich buggers is bastards? "However, this does not undermine the point that I just made, although I thank my colleague for his invaluable support and constant readiness to correct minor if not downright trivial errors. Things said at University council meetings don't count." (p. It does nothing but live and put forth petals of perfect crimson where none are there to see. And yet..yet..has enemies that bear on it a vicious, unbending malice, who wish not only for its tiny life to be over but also that it had never existed. And yet you act as if there is some..rightness in the universe by which it may be judged."This belonged to my great-grandad," he said. "In fact, men, the general has this to say about ensuring against defeat when outnumbered, out–weaponed and out-positioned. †Every society needs a cry like that, but only in a very few do they come out with the complete, unvarnished version, which is “Remember-The-Atrocity-Committed-Against-Us-Last-Time-That-Will-Excuse-The-Atrocity-That-We’re-About-To-Commit-Today! 'Give me any trouble and I will shoot you in the head.' That wasn't a good line, but it did have a certain urgency, and the bonus that it was simple enough even for an Unmentionable to understand. Scientists have calculated that the chance of anything so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. But wherever they are, no matter how mightily they try, no matter how magnificent the effort, they surely can't manage to be as godawfully stupid as us. We were given a spark of it to start with, but over hundreds of thousands of years we've really improved on it. 96)High priests tend to get put in the same category. Using it for your own purposes would be like trying to beat mice to death with a rattlesnake. Warriors became important through winning battles and staying alive. But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten. They have to face the implied assumption that no sooner do they get the funny hat than they're issuing strange orders, e.g., princesses tied to rocks for itinerant sea monsters and throwing little babies in the sea. Throughout the history of the Disc most high priests have been serious, pious and conscientious men who have done their best to interpret the wishes of the gods, sometimes disembowelling or flaying alive hundreds of people in a day in order to make sure they're getting it absolutely right. Assassins became important through skillful inhumations. There were many roads to prominence, but you could see them, you could work them out. Whereas these two people had merely moved interestingly in front of this new-fangled moving-picture machinery. The universe is littered with them: hidden villages, windswept little towns under wide skies, isolated cabins on chilly mountains, whose only mark on history is to be the incredibly ordinary place where something extraordinary started to happen. What made it rather pointless was that he couldn't remember what it was he was forgetting anymore. But this much I can tell you, you ape – the great face pressed even closer, so that Wonse was staring into the pitiless depths of his eyes - we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality. 253)This might seem odd, because if there is one thing a wizard would trade his grandfather for, it is power. Wizards became important through high deeds of magic. Often there is no more than a little plaque to reveal that, against all gynaecological probability, someone was born halfway up a wall. Out there the forest was waiting for the brighter sun and the longer days that would pump a million gallons of sap several hundred feet into the sky in one great systolic thump too big and loud to be heard. She'd just thought the word 'systolic', and it certainly wasn't in her vocabulary. But it wasn't all that strange, because any wizard bright enough to survive for five minutes was also bright enough to realize that if there was any power in demonology, then it lay with the demons. Thieves became important for daring robberies and so, in a slightly different way, did merchants.

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Discworld is a comic fantasy book series by British author Terry Pratchett set on the Discworld, a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which are in turn standing on the back of a giant turtle, the Great A'Tuin. He'd never looked into the eyes of someone who wished him dead—no, of course he had, all the time, because of course the Church had its politics—but at least they hadn't been holding the means to that end in their hands at the time. 42-43)It is a popular fact that nine-tenths of the brain is not used and, like most popular facts, it is wrong.

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