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Adam says his father did not tell him everything about the situation so that Adam would be protected against betrayal if he were questioned.

Adam tells Brint that his father finally returned to his job in Blount, thinking that the whole ordeal was over.

Adam tells him he will stay at a motel in Belton Falls that he once stayed in with his family, and he lies that he is visiting his father in a hospital.

Brint brings up the name Paul Delmonte, whom Adam does not know.

The only day she was happy was on Thursdays, when she had her "special" telephone hour at night that Adam was not to interrupt.

Adam often wondered whom she would be calling, as she had no friends, and they had no living relatives, as his father had told him before.

His father, unbeknownst to him, saw him, and later Adam spied on his parents as they discuss Adam's growing suspicions.

In a third- person narration, Adam describes taking a long, exhausting bus trip with his mother and father in the middle of the night.

Adam remembers that something was strange about his father's flight into the woods.

Adam tells Brint about his girlfriend, the mischievous, talkative, but ultimately sensitive Amy.

His father revealed that his own real name was Anthony Delmonte, and that he had been a reporter in the small town of Blount, New York, for the Blount Telegrapher. before a closed Senate committee, and in return he was promised protection and his identity kept secret.

He was soon promoted, and later uncovered certain important documents at the State House in Albany which linked officials in the corrupt state and federal government to organized crime. For a year, he hid in hotel rooms and only occasionally visited his guarded home.

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