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NET AJAX technology inevitably ends up with an application where it is hard to make changes.

In this article I will present a systematic approach, or some best practices, to make the Update Panel-based ASP.

In this regard Microsoft AJAX Web application is never an exception.

You may find your application packed with a plethora of Update Panels and event handlers. NET AJAX offers more than one technique to do one thing but you cannot use them consistently.

Decoupling asynchronous triggers and Update Panels at design time is a preliminary step to consistently specifying Update Panels and asynchronous triggers and centralizing the handling of asynchronous postback events.

This is very simple: just wrap that area with an Update Panel control. You can declaratively register the trigger in the Triggers section. You can handle the asynchronous postback events the same way as the normal postback.

Some controls like Repeater, Grid View, and User Control can also act as asynchronous triggers for the Update Panel with their specific or custom events such as Item Command Event. NET AJAX also allows you to register asynchronous triggers and update multiple Update Panels programmatically.

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