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If the two studs come back next season, we could be looking at a National Title.

Kellar's texts led officers to arrest Gail Burnworth, 50, in her Tacoma home.

Well the Jackets were taken down in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday to the Runnin Rebels of UNLV 67-63.

This ends a remarkable turnaround season for Georgia Tech, who finished the season at 20-12, and had wins over tournament teams Boston College, Duke, Purdue, and sweet 16 teams North Carolina and Memphis.

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NBA rules allow a college player to test the NBA as long as an agent is not hired.

I have no idea what these two young superstars will do, but whatever it is, i wish them well.

We also will be welcoming Brad Sheehan, the center from New York who redshirted next season.

We dont lose much, but we will be getting alot of help.

Mario West is one of my favorite players in Tech history, and we will all miss his defense and heart. I'll have more updates on the Thaddeus Young situation, as i keep in touch with him via email..........

Next season should be another NCAA Tournament season for us, as we welcome in Mc Donalds All-American Gani Lawal, along with Memphis product Maurice Miller, and Matt Causey a transfer guard.

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The Jackets dealt with some adversity this season losing leading scorer at the time, Lewis Clinch to a violation of the school code honor.

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