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During his journey, Hong Xue meets with kindness and treachery, is conflicted by love and hatred, and eventually discovers the shocking truth behind his birth. The Magic Blade - 2012 (trailer) - English subtitles#Baron Chen Dear foreign friends!Glad to inform you that now you could find the Baron's interview translation in English in the attachment file! All questions and remarks of journalist are picked out in yellow :)The original interview is also attached here.Baron Chen and Gillian Chung Fight for Treasure in Extremely Urgent 2014*** The director and screenwriter of last years Arrows on the Bowstring (箭在弦上) are back with their newest drama, the currently filming "Extremely Urgent" (迫在眉睫), which stars the unlikely pairing of Gillian Chung and Baron Chen as treasure hunter and treasure defender.*** "Extremely Urgent" takes place after the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911.Thanks to the weak post-Qing warlord government, thieves from all over have their eyes on the countrys treasures, many of which have fallen into the hands of the people.

His late father was a reputed gang leader in Taiwan.

He expresses that it felt extremely awkward, We never had any contact since I was little and then we suddenly started living together. I was very isolated and I wasnt doing well in my school grades.

He even ran away from home and wandered on the streets.

From then on, he started receiving leading roles in dramas such as Because of You (2010), Butterfly Sword (2010), My Daughter (2011) and Battle of the Beauty (2012).

He also continued with roles in films such as The Treasure Hunter (2009), Moonlight Love (2012) and No Losers (2012).

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