Bridget regan and craig horner dating in real life

As such, the series contains some stories from the books and new stories and events created by the series' writers.Raimi's reason for the changes is that the structure of a novel differs from a weekly one-hour television program.A weekly television program would allow them to include most of the stories and important aspects of the series.

The actual plot of it, though, happens in a slightly different order and sometimes different stories will be told, as depicted in the series of novels.

Their new quest is to find the Stone of Tears, seal the rifts between the worlds, and defeat the Keeper.

They are joined in this quest by Cara, a Mord-Sith and their former enemy.

But with the former minor networks, UPN and WB, being replaced by a still struggling The CW that may disappear, the timing seemed right.

ABC Studios agreed to fund the project and greenlit the production for 22 episodes in March 2008, after it was cleared for broadcast to stations representing 84% of the United States, with Tribune Broadcasting being the primary launch group.

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The three main provinces are Westland, the Midlands and D'Hara.

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