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Nick Bicak has gone around Calgary boosting out loud that him & Cerato are the biggest Crack Dealers in the city.

Cory Gardiner stayed behind to look after the assets and businesses set up by this SCAM Crew.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kathy Ta is the biggest gold digger in calgary with dds she comes to vancouver and sits at the the tables with rich males.

She is disgusting and has been tossed around all of calgary and vancouver.

Well Cerato & Crew are now pitching some bogus scam called “Logic Living Mirco Homes” Upon a corporate search of this fictitious Micro Living Homes company, it does not exist.

Once again Cerato and crew want you to pay with crypto currency and cash, or Cerato will gladly take your checks written out to Brandwerx or Stylewerx.

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she talks like a head and is always off pepsi walks around acting like shes the sh1t when in reality she uses her body to get guys to sleep with her so she can get money out of them THE DIRTY ARMY: Randy’s a nasty, degenerate slimeball who likes to fuk little girls, steal money and has the intellect and maturity of an earth worm.

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