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(Don’t blame us—blame Starship.) This is the true story of how “We Built This City”—the most detested song in human history—got built.

Thirty years ago, radio stations and MTV put an insidiously catchy song called “We Built This City” into heavy rotation and kept it there.

The hit single gave the members of the band Starship—which emerged from the ashes of Jefferson Starship, successor to Jefferson Airplane, the essential 1960s psychedelic band—unlikely second careers as pop stars.

At the time, Starship's most famous member, singer Grace Slick, was 46.

The duet version was also played during the end of the film.

Gold Move 4: Put both of your hands up pointing to the sky.

The background is dark, with a balcony in the back, with some luminous square shaped pillars.

In the redeemable version, there's a throne, and Chester Cheetah appears sometimes on the back pillars during the 1st and 2nd Chorus.

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine: Gold Move 1: Move your right hand from left to right with your mouth like you are shouting "Ohhhh".

Gold Move 2: Put your hands together and slowly put them away from each other.

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