Consolidating student loans chase bank

) can show you a list of loans you could be eligible for based on the personal information you provide.Since market rates are fairly low, refinancing could be a great way to curb some of your financial anxiety.

Variable rates are lower than fixed rates, at least in the beginning, but they’re riskier because the rates may rise over time.

Ignore it long enough and you’ll eventually find your wages garnished and your credit destroyed. If consolidating your loans won’t improve your circumstances or you can’t qualify for any repayment plans – like the federal government’s Pay As You Earn Plan – you can always consider refinancing your student loans.

If your credit score drops too low, you’ll reduce your chances of being able to secure the car or the house you want. By refinancing, you’ll receive a brand new loan that’ll pay off another loan or a bundle of loans.

And if you’re not working in a stable industry, you won’t be able to defer your refinance loan or have it placed in forbearance if you lose your job or become too sick to work. Once you take that step, you won’t be able to back track.

So it’s important to take stock of your financial situation and weigh all of your options (including consolidation) before pushing forward with a refinance.

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