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My favorite one came from Gary: If you’d like to see a selection of quotes on how to be funny, you can find a humorous quote from someone who was paid to be a comic.

Brainy Quote has a vast collection to borrow from, and make sure to cite the person behind the humor.

Most likely, you’ll get a response on how much they wished they could have gone to the show.

Or, if you’re lucky, maybe your potential date has two tickets and is looking for a partner who will love their favorite band as well.

The conversation starter above usually gets an instant reply, so expect the recipient to check out your profile.There’s a reason that Bumble is such a popular dating app, and I believe the squeaky wheel gets the digital love deal.That means women should make the first move in today’s digital world.” Sure you’ve written in your profile that you’re looking for someone with a good sense of humor, but how do you show it?I asked my followers on Facebook to share some of their favorite funny opening lines.

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So what happens after you’ve swiped right or gotten matched?

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