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San Jose is the transportation hub of Central America. Most travelers use San Jose as a starting point for other destinations within the country. The drive to and from the airport will be your about as dangerous as it gets in San Jose. Downtown is bustling with car traffic and pedestrians.You will most likely arrive in Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) which is the busiest airport in Central America. The traffic is horrendous and taxi drives rely on GPS and have a poor understanding of navigating the streets. It is easily walkable but after 1-2 hours, you will find yourself bored.They are easy to speak with, open and have pleasant dispositions.They also have higher English levels than the other women in Latin America.While other men have found them to be disappointing.I have long overlooked Costa Rica as a destination, racking it up to an overplayed backpacker destination.The average Costa Rican girl is nothing to write home about.Costa Ricans are mainly descendants of Spain, so you will see European features in the women. Lighter-skinned than their cousins in the region, they are short, slim and less voluptuous than other Latinas.

Overall, I found them to be more attractive on average than the other women in Central America.It is also important to mention that women from all over Latin America relocate to Costa Rica. Many of these ladies are prostitutes, but some Latinas migrate to work in legitimate jobs.Of these women, Nicaraguan girls seem to be the most eager to meet foreigners.However, they are not as beautiful as Brazilian or Colombian women.What they lack in attractiveness in general, they make up for with a friendly, approachable vibe.

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