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If we were both single ten years down the road then maybe..... i think you need to be sure that what your doin is the right thing for guilt to fade.i had a fling.I just wanna know how you get over the guilt and put it behind me. Cut all ties and don't ever communicate with the ex again. Are you sure it's totally over, no loose ends and both of you clear you won't be in touch again? I have already deleted his number and I hope he wont contact me again.If you really do want to be with your current DP then focus entirely on that relationship, not your fling. We still move in similar social circles which I backed away from years ago....for him to contact me via the evil facebook.After a long time of hoping and praying, hoping and praying, hoping and praying, and trying to be optimistic, I feel like I have really hit rock bottom. The taste of motivational thoughts, sayings, videos, etc only last so long, and then reality hits once again with anothe rejection or dissapointment. There is little change or progress after so much effort, and I feel so hurt and betrayed, abandoned and alone. Thoughts of ending it all are, and have been, a constant companion.  Why did I go to medical school if I was destined to fail??

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  1. 4.) I’m too much of a bad boy for you This is one of those ways I play with the whole image of the “bad boy.” You really only want to use this if this is the kind of girl who seems to dig the thought of you being a little more edgy. This is a genetic pre-disposition, my friend.) OR – she’s mistaken you for being a bit of a Nice Guy.