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It allows her to have fond lasting memories, or it can prove a negative is she is one that ends up having trouble letting go of bothersome, hurtful memories as such thoughts can end up haunting her.

With the Moon governing this female, she may be prone to explainable mood swings.

It is in the most private moments where she prefers to express her most compassionate nature.

She is an affectionate lover who prefers intimate exchanges versus the good old romp in the hay.

You will find the Moon-ruled Cancer is one who is extremely loving.

She’s a good friend, sibling, child, partner, or spouse, and she loves being affectionate.

She continues to give of herself until the point where it seems like there is nothing more to give.

She is the type of female who needs reminding that it is not at all selfish to focus on the self and, in fact, it is periodically necessary to refresh the self otherwise there’s nothing left to give to others.

Sometimes she’ll take on the role of a lover but then naturally shift to the role of “mother” simply because it is within her deep nature to nurture others.

Think about these qualities as you plan dates and develop a relationship with a Cancer woman.

This isn’t surprising, after all, she’s highly romantic, loving, and her ability to nurture would appeal to anyone who loves to be coddled, spoiled, and loved!

When the moon has a positive influence on a Cancer female, she’s one that seems to have ancient wisdom beyond her years.

Her smarts give her insightful, innovative, and original solutions to any challenges she might face.

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