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Chemistry, for me, has rarely been there on a first date or when I first see someone..builds gradually.3 dates is the date no3, I don't care if I ever see the guy again or not, I stop seeing him. I like to feel some attraction, but I'm old enough to separate out infatuation and lust. One thing is absolutely true, if you don't continue it won't. During our date, he didn't focus on me much at all which I wasn't used to on a date before.You weren't used to someone not jumping your bones the first time out.If that were the case, I would say absolutely go out again. But if this guy interrupted you, and looked at his gaming apps - I just don't think he is suitable dating material at this point or stinks at etiquette.I've heard endless chemistry vs getting to know someone arguments. Some women give a guy 10 minutes and bail if their panties aren't wet, and some wait months before realizing they are a bad match. He kept looking around the restaurant at everything going on as if he has terrible ADD, but he was still able to make conversation.His voice also bothered me a bit, I can't explain why but something about his voice...I wasn't too sure if his mannerisms were attractive to me either. I thought you were going to write that you met a guy, you had really great conversations and it was hard to leave the date, but because he didn't go in for the kiss or wasn't your usual physical type, you wondered if you should date him a few more times to see what develops.Or even had a boring date but decided to see where it went and it ended up well for them?Yes, I've gone on additional dates with people I was unsure about. Going on additional dates is fine and you are not leading anyone on by going out a few more times.

I really just want to meet a nice, normal man who I feel something for and he feels something for me and I was hoping for that chemistry or spark...I've been on dates with only about 4 nice guys (out of about 50 other men who turned out to be jerks! I feel like I've dated a lot and am exhausted, I think going on dates with about 50 awful men in two years is a lot for me personally to deal with and I took periods/breaks where I chose not to date out of frustration.I recently met a guy who is nice which is wonderful and it's also really great that we have a lot of very specific hobbies in common, which are things I kept saying I hoped and wished for in a man.He also checked his phone, but claimed his mom texted that she played him on some game app.I was pretty bored on our date and we walked around town and he held my hand but I sort of felt weird, not sure why.

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