Dating and emotionally unavailable men

Deep down, we all have our issues, and you have a theory about why you are the way you are if you are really honest with yourself. Understanding where the problem originated will help you solve the problem.

Come up with two or three simple behaviors you will start doing to become more present and engaged. Don’t just change to keep a partner happy; change because you and whoever you are with both deserve better.

I can’t shoulder all the responsibility of the relationship. If I’m the only one making an effort to keep the flow of communication open, things are going nowhere fast. If I’m trying to move towards emotional intimacy at the same time that my lover is moving away from it, we’re going to have problems.

I get that it can take time to open up at first, and a lot of men have fallen prey to toxic masculinity’s lie that men shouldn’t have feelings. Working towards completely opposite goals is just not sustainable and I’m done sticking around to find out how long we can wrestle with each other.

Jazz Meyer is a born creative with a curious spirit, totally preoccupied with interpersonal dynamics and the innumerable ways there exist to be human.

I know my love, care and affection are gifts and if he doesn’t want them, I’m not doing either of us any favors by pushing them on him. He told me that he is that “unavailable” guy that so many self-help books and articles are written about.That wasn’t so unique in itself, but what he said next was.He asked me, “How does a guy become more available?” He went on to explain that he knows that he has intimacy issues but he said that there was not a lot written about how men can get over these hurdles.

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I’m sorry about the way it affects you and I’m working on it.” Figure out how you got the way you are.

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