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and a master’s level education in Counseling Psychology; she brings a unique combination of experience in contemporary culture and insight into the psychodynamics of the human mind and relationships.

Elizabeth brings practical experience in teaching, public speaking, corporate training, and counseling.

We show you how to co-parent in a way that is best for the children and we bring you the latest and greatest research on how to improve your sex life.

Most importantly, you will discover WHO YOU ARE and have a ton of fun in the process. is designed for individuals to work on themselves, but you can come as a couple if you want to do this together.

We expect everyone to give 100% and If you do, you will come away transformed! On average, we have available one facilitator for every six attendees so you will get plenty of personal attention.

The Life Enrichment Boot Camp meets in the evening for a total of 27 hours of training.YOU will be an active participant in your healing journey and will come away with the tools to create the life you've always wanted!WHAT YOU WILL LEARNYou will learn to communicate effectively, to resolve conflict in a productive way, to put the past in the past and forgive.Jim is the author of Hollywood Dating Blunders published by Skyward publishing, Angel Vision and Cover of Darkness by Huntington House.are Boot Camp Directors and coaches, realtors by profession, servant healers by passion and Loreena is our Production Director.

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