Dating fender amps transformer codes

Certainly the hundreds of people who have helped me seemed keen to know.

For the batches labelled "date codes needed", I haven't got any loudspeaker or transformer date codes, or (gold dust) the 4-digit inkstamp on the metal chassis, which is usually only visible when out of the wooden cab.This means that these 2 amp types can only be treated together for dates or production quantities when, as in this study, the serial number is all we have to go on.(Fender did this chassis-sharing thing in earlier years, with the same implications for guessing quantities, as noted by Greg Gagaliano.) I estimate about 5700 were made in total.Advertisers and politicians make decisions based on smaller percentages!I'm guessing amp-owners like to know when their amp was made, if it's old-ish.

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It represents fifteen years of time that could have been spent becoming a better guitarist, so if you quote it elsewhere, I'd appreciate a link and/or a name-check, either as "Stratopastor" or under my real name.

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