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Greeting the wife could be interpreted as showing too much interest.

Tip for male travelers: A woman might place a hand on her heart when greeting you, which means that she would not like to shake hands with a strange man.

Men and women interact very differently with each other in Jordanian and Western culture.

You will notice a big difference regarding the status of women in Jordan and in Western countries.In the Middle East, most women are staying at home, taking care of the family and children instead of having a career of their own.However, many women actually go to university (and even more so than boys) but once married don’t work in their profession.Even if they are strangers they will hang around for a chat and exchange opinions.Westerners, who are not used to lengthy conversations with strangers, can often come across as cold or uninterested if not being too chatty when in a shop, for example.

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Motives of decision making are also different, with the Western culture being more individualistically oriented.

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