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Interestingly, the press release detailing all of this content specifically mentions that players must have an Xbox Live account to access the added Collector's Edition content.Once a young boy has obtained a gift for his sister's birthday, bandits attack his home village of Oakvale.But if it's passion you want, you can have a "special hug" with your partner, and, if you go the unprotected route (the player who doesn't initiate the sexing will have to acknowledge it's unprotected sex), you could end up with a little rugrat.At that point, you two being important, busy hero-ing types, you can hire a nanny to watch the little one.I tried reloading; shutting down the console etc, but my precious daughter remained unresponsive.In the end I had to get the game to take her into social services just to get her off the street.This would have also solved another irritating problem: "The glowing trail " okay granted you can turn this off in the game but it is annoying having a bright light guide you round your quests every step of the way.As other people have mentioned the camera is also pretty irritating, you can hardly get a good look at your character as it is positioned too high up which also stops you feeling quite so involved with the game and also using your "Expressions" can be annoying and clumsy, for example you should have been able to save certain expressions to the directional pad instead of having to bring up separate menus and scroll through them, it just seems a bit messy.

It seems like a bit of a restriction but it doesn't really feel like that." Worried about someone coming into your game and causing havoc?Also your world map is in your inventory and not brilliantly user friendly.I feel like it would have been much better to have a mini-map in the top right hand corner of the screen that you could of set locations on.Hardly the kind of experience that drew players to reps Dimitri and Louise steering.Their screens show the exact same location in the game, though their respective worlds look much different: Dimitri's is beautiful and green while Louise's is industrial and overdeveloped. "Louise comes in as her hero with her complete inventory and everything that she owns and uses," Molyneux explained.

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