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Got to be very careful talking to the girls as they tend to get offended easily. Have to be 100% sure they are available and interested.

Find your date in Istanbul and make friends online.

At the end of the night, we will hand our sheets back to Yasemen, who will notify us the next day by email of any potential matches. After 4 minutes, Yasemen rings a little bell and I have just enough time to scribble down some notes before my next prospect arrives.

We continue like this for about 40 minutes and then have a much needed 10-minute break.

Back then there was no tinder and happen apps, only okcupid.

Since February 2017, 3 couples have married after meeting at her speed dating events and including her work in the US, she has seen over 30 marriages and 17 engagements. Although she says speed dating has been hard to catch on in Istanbul, she has seen it progress a lot in a short time.

Once people here experience how good it feels to socialize and connect with new people, they understand that speed dating is a “social experience” and is very different from sitting on your couch swiping Tinder.

But as you know speed dating is very casual in the States, so many people find it quite fun and super easy to meet new people, not only for dating purposes but also for friendships," she says.

Started in the spring of last year, First Sight Date has already made 5,842 matches 42 couples and a couple to wed.

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