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Another benefit is that you manage all your certificates in one place in Azure Key Vault.

See Deploy Certificates to VMs from customer-managed Key Vault for more information.

An attacker who compromises the endpoint can use the user’s credentials to gain access to the organization’s data.

Most endpoint attacks take advantage of the fact that users are administrators in their local workstations.

These secure management workstations can help you mitigate some of these attacks and ensure that your data is safer. Detail: Enforce security policies across all devices that are used to consume data, regardless of the data location (cloud or on-premises).

Data encryption at rest is a mandatory step toward data privacy, compliance, and data sovereignty.

Azure Key Vault is designed to support application keys and secrets.

We recommend that you tightly control who has contributor access to your key vaults, to ensure that only authorized persons can access and manage your key vaults, keys, secrets, and certificates.

Because the vast majority of attacks target the end user, the endpoint becomes one of the primary points of attack.

Enable the soft delete and purge protection features of Key Vault, particularly for keys that are used to encrypt data at rest.

Deletion of these keys is equivalent to data loss, so you can recover deleted vaults and vault objects if needed.

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