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Italian men and women are looking for someone stylish, and a little reserved. “If you’re single and traveling, you want to go to Scottsdale.” New York Sullivan says it’s easy to meet someone in the nation’s biggest city, especially if you’re a guy. They’re not finding men who want to commit, so they’re going out and having fun,” she says.

And with residents from around the world, the variety of potential partners is astounding, she says.

Berlin With several universities attracting students from across the globe, the German capital city is a wonderful place for young travelers to find a date, be it an American studying abroad, or someone more exotic. If you go to a bar or restaurant, you’re going to meet a lot of Germans and people from all over the world,” Sullivan says.

Budapest Sullivan says the Eastern European capital attracts people from across the continent, making it a natural spot for dating.

Even if you’re constantly on the road, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life, says Sameera Sullivan, CEO of Lasting, a matchmaking company that serves many clients with busy travel schedules.

“Some of them date on the East Coast and the West Coast because they have homes on both.” But you don’t have to be wealthy to find a date while traveling.

Sullivan says Parisian women have a reputation for being uptight, which makes American women particularly attractive to local men.

“No one writes letters or shares milkshakes.” “People are just texting and hooking up all the time.” And when you’re spending your weekday nights getting drinks with less-than-enthusiastic strangers that can’t look up from their phones, it’s easy to idealize the past and wish we could all go back to a time when dating was a little simpler.If you’re bored with the bar scene though, there are a million ways to mix it up in every borough.I know drinks are the safest first date in case you need to make a quick escape, but this city is full of wacky things to do.Some parts of NYC will always be smelly and disgusting, but on those certain perfect days every season, the city turns into a film.It’s hard not to feel romantic when experiencing it all with someone new.

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