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both he and his wife's social media are all "single" or some iteration.Getting back together for quickies, possibly, but they're on the same page about the split for now anyway. I think his story is probabaly exactly what he says.BUT, despite all of these things, I believe they are still together.

Others, will feel their feelings and work through their grief in a much shorter period of time. And yes, to your original question - I think we should all be cautious with men who move too quickly... But, it's more likely that he is trying to jump from one relationship to another without dealing with things - and that is a definite risk. It has actually worked out for him (despite years of pain and hard feelings), but it was not a healthy thing to do.Pretty sure he comes from money, too, which she was from a modest blue-collar upbringing.- They both have kids, which actually probably gave them some real common ground, but they still can prove logistically challenging to budding relationships. She could entice pretty much any guy she wanted to, while he's more of your standard unremarkable looking nerd type who appears afraid to talk to women (and indeed, she is the one who made the move on him).He sounds like his past is not a clean break, there have been too many times already where they keep going back to "work at it again" plus 10 years and still not divorced? And you said three dates all in the timespan of one weekend? He is coming on very strong trying to get close to you fast and perhaps once you do become intimate he will pull away. My last girlfriend has been with a guy for about a year and a half.And I don't think he is doing it intentially to "use you or something" he just sounds like someone who is kind of emotionally confused. He was in the final months of finalizing his divorce when they first started dating.

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In my experience, guys who talk about how much they like you and how they think about you are fantasising.

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