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That’s right, you literally copulate your way out of damnation.

(Somehow, I feel like they’ve got this one backwards.) Players will communicate with the girls through a chat message interface, occasionally making choices for their responses in a sort of visual novel style.

In this particular instance, it uses “bubble” style match 3 puzzles where a bunch of colorful marbles drop down from the top of the screen.

Players must select one and then drag their cursor to at least two others in order to remove them and score points.

Next, there will be a 'special event' (or several) You need to choose an appropriate expert for the scenario.

An expert can only be used once per stage level If there are 2 special events, you can't use the same expert Failure = No requirements filled so 0 points added Normal = Only one requirement is filled Perfect = Filled all tags requested Lastly, you need to 'summon' 3 of your gacha cards The total value of the required strengths will be added to your score.

Depending on how well you do, you will be given a rating out of 3 .

You can always go back to a level later in order to try and increase your score.

Each gacha card will have stats for each of the different strengths (Decision, Creativity, Affinity, Execution), with its strongest strength being indicated by the border of the card.

You can quickly upgrade (level up) your gacha cards with (large exp potion).

Unlike experts, you can level up your karma cards beyond your current company level. By evolving the card, you can increase the maximum by 20 levels.

Stats for courting each character, each stat listed has to have around 10-15 points when you ask them to prom.

by combining puzzle game elements with a dating sim.

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The threadbare plot is thus: you’ve been cursed by the devil.

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