Dating someone with poor finances

Your credit will also not be affected by your new spouse, unless you cosign for their loans.Just remember, having a conversation about debt is the key.“Issues in the past don’t necessarily mean he or she is destined to screw up everything in the future.Maybe he was impulsive when he got his first credit cards in college, but now handles his finances responsibly.

For a comprehensive look at someone’s finances, Valerie Rind, author of the award-winning book, , recommends taking a peek at their credit report.

My parents didn’t say anything mean, they just weren’t supportive of my latest fling.

They encouraged me to stop messing around and start studying instead.

If this is someone you truly want to spend your life with, focus on encouragement and guidance rather than shame and anger.

“Your sweetheart may have valid reasons for prior money troubles,” Rind says.

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