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If you’re not sure how, take the following steps: 1) Open up your account to the page with the big green 'Create Campaign' button at the top.

2) Look below the graph where it reads "View: Running".

We really recommend that, since split-testing is the key to unearthing the most responsive demographics and attention-getting images.

This way, you are able to de-activate the under-performing ads or campaigns while focusing on the lucrative ones.

Under the "Add a Creative" section, you'll see two ad sizes beside the words "Creative Type".

For an existing campaign, click on your campaign name to take you to the 'Manage Creatives' Page.

6) You'll want to do this for each campaign that you wish to resume (whose date has passed).

Take a look at the ads that you have created and ensure that you have populated them with a title, description, picture (aka ‘creative’) and properly-working url.

A: Our ad approval team is in office between 9am-5pm PST and ads always get looked at before end of day.

In order to add another picture to the current campaign, do the following: - Open up your account to the page with the big green 'Create Campaign' button at the top.

- Look below the graph and select all the checkboxes that to the campaigns you’d like to see (Running, Paused, Cancelled, Requires Funding) - Below, your campaign(s) will appear.

Search for datingsmokers com:

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- Click on your campaign name, and it will open the "MANAGE CREATIVES" page where you will see your creative and ad text (If you wish to delete the creative, click the word ‘Delete’ beside the red ‘X’ and it will be removed) - Here you can upload your creative and add text -- and you can upload as many as you’d like into each campaign (Here’s a screenshot: DKNk) be sure that your ad is within the EXACT size requirements.

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