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In order for a woman to begin to believe that you like her and that the two of you are indeed alike, you'll have to speak to her on a personal level.A good way to talk to talk to women is to treat her like she's the only woman in the room, so to speak.And with most women, erring on the side of less is better than more will go a long way in building up some intrigue about you in her mind. And definitely don't throw in any cheesy pickup lines.Your email should also include a question or two, asking the woman to expand on something she mentioned in her profile.A year ago, he arranged to meet a woman for drinks. "I mean he had to have copied andpasted the whole thing and then just changed gender specific things to fithis own."Online daters feel pressure to stand out and believe they must sellthemselves like a product, say researchers at Georgetown, Rutgers and Michigan State universities who are conducting a joint study of them."Youare not making money off of somebody else's work; you're just trying tomarket yourself," said self-confessed copier Jeff Picazio, a 40-year-oldcomputer-systems manager in Boynton Beach, Fla.Copycats use the real-life wit of others to create cut-and-paste personas,hoping to land dates or just look clever.Hugh Gallagher, a 36-year-old writer in New York, is one of the copied. Gallagher's collegeentrance essay, which he wrote nearly 20 years ago and which later appearedin Harper's Magazine.

A recent search on brought up more than 90 profiles with suchlines as: "I want an opposite.

The Profile Coach.com, meanwhile, offers 12 "proven" profiles for . Khalfa, a 44-year-old Frenchman, first cobbled a ho-hum profile that said heliked to cook and enjoyed walks on the beach. C., said he has received about10 e-mails asking permission to copy his dating profile, which is headlined,"Wanted outlaw princess." Said princess is someone who "while climbing atree can be all woman, while letting you know she can climb higher than youwould ever dare." Among Garansi's requirements: "Chunky is fine but lumpy ishow I like my mashed potatoes, and rolls are only good when served withdinner." He says he refuses people who ask to copy his work.

Sample:"There is a shallowness, a fakeness to much of the 'singles scene.'" Anumber of blogs offer free headlines for social-networking profiles,including, "Ernie's train of thought has derailed." For , weeklyscore.comoffers 20 personal essays and 100 headlines, all updated weekly. Then he stumbled across theprofile of Mike Matteo, 47, a screenwriter in Tampa, Fla. "Either theylack imagination, or they just don't know who they are," said Garansi, 43.

This means you need to do your homework by reading through her profile and finding ways to make her feel as though she's the only woman you're talking to.

You can still continue to email as many women as you'd like, but steer clear of using an obvious cut and paste email template that makes the woman feel like she's one of many on an assembly line.

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