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Divorce and separation is a difficult decision for couples to make, though often the decision feels made for them.Women disproportionately face hardships when it comes to childcare and financial matters, making it an even tougher road to take in a bad marriage.If there is any way to start a separate account to guard against future financial contingencies, now is the time to do it.If you have to borrow money from a relative or friend, be sure to sign a promissory note so the court will look at this as a loan that you have to repay and not as a gift.Cathy Meyer is a certified divorce coach, marriage educator, freelance writer, and founding editor of Divorced

A divorce calendar may be used as evidence in your case when your spouse did not keep an appointment, or violated an agreement or court order in some fashion.

Some examples are correspondence with your attorney, drafts of agreements, financial information, and pleadings.

Files with brads and a two-hole punch will help you keep papers neat and organized.

With some preparation, women can cut down on the stress and uncertainty of life during and after divorce.

You are going to need your own money for a divorce.

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