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Stability report – data demonstrating that product is stable, meets the finished product specifications throughout its proposed shelf-life, that toxic decomposition products are not produced in significant amount during this period, and that potency, efficacy of preservative etc. In addition to final product stability data at the recommended storage temperature, the accelerated stability data at elevated temperatures should be sufficient to justify the choice of Vaccine Vial Monitor for the use with the product.

The use of VVM is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Detailed information should be provided on the avoidance and control of non-viral adventitious agents (e.g., transmissible spongiform encephalopathy agents, bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi).

This information can include, for example, certification and/or testing of raw materials and excipients, and control of the production process, as appropriate for the material, process and agent.

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Section A: Quality Overall Summary (QOS) To attach the Print Form (Section P – Product Information) once all the documents are completed prior to submission Section B: Table of Contents To prepare the Table of Contents based on completed Print Form (Section P – Product Information) Section C: Body of Data To attach the Print Form (Section P – Product Information) once all the documents are completed prior to submission The differences between clinical formulations and the formulation (i.e.

For functional secondary packaging components, additional information should be provided.

Minimum 1 a description of the QC tests and specifications for primary (glass vials, stoppers, caps) and secondary packaging material (boxes) from each supplier.

Give a description of the QC checks, tests and approvals regarding pre-printed materials: colours, content, etc, on each lot from each supplier of pre-printed vial labels/boxes/cartons, leaflets, shipping labels, and any other vaccine-specific printed material.

The stability of the vaccine after reconstitution with the diluent should establish the stability of the vaccine after first entry for at least up to 6 hours after reconstitution. The same criteria and parameters for stability studies on the final product should be followed.

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