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In the list of Chaturbate alternatives, Cam Soda comes in the top spot.It has crystal clear quality video quality and a large selection of unbelievable babes. So there IS a line, and, sweetie-pie, I have every right to make fun of anyone who thinks that jerking off a mule or fucking a dog a dog or spanking an actual monkey is just, ya know, kinda' kiny and what good fun (tee-hee). cutephilly: >clump<, >clump<, >clump< lookinfurlove: Three, huh? It's beyond such overused adjectives like "sick" or "demented" as it reveals a damaged, and possibly dangerous, psychological problem. If someone posts that they'd like to kill someone and fuck them, I'm pretty sure I can call that person a wee twisted, and maybe lob a wise ass crack or two their way. Instead of suggesting web sites we should be suggesting psychiatrists. So, just because there's a topic out there you personally aren't too fond of, why do you think it gives you the right to shoot down people who do enjoy it? It's a mental abberation and shouldn't be treated like some personal right -- these people deserve and need help. [This message has been edited by Dixon Carter Lee (edited ).] [This message has been edited by Dixon Carter Lee (edited ).]Well, DCL, I'd like to thank you at least for being polite in your response (though Sparky might wonder how she go involved in all this! < Ignoring smart ass comments> The chat rooms are for humans to talk about bestiality. Besitallity isn't some wacky little quirk on the same shelf with sniffin' undies. There's no foreplay whatsoever--he just grabs some wool and starts pumping. Then all of a sudden he's going "Jesus, I almost went down on a sheep! [This message has been edited by Tiggs (edited ).]I can just the the newest edition of "Croc Cun... Hey - Animal Planet's having Croc Week starting Monday... (not in the way some on this thread might, of course) That dude's insane... One would hope there's a chat room on the site where humans aren't allowed... Just Ewe&Me: Little sore between the legs, thanks to you-know-who. Just Ewe&Me: Guy has no concept of what I really want. He kinda crawled under me like he was going to lick me good, and to tell you the truth I was, you know, getting wet with anticipation.

The free chat rooms on Live Jasmin hardly ever feature nudity, but they are so much fun that we just couldn’t ignore them.For other sex cam sites so be successfull alternatives to, they need to offer a similar if not equivalent quality.A new comer in the adult cam world, Cam Soda has been following Chaturbate's model quite closely. But, hey, what's up with you and--what was your owner's name again? Cindy's in the kitchen now rubbing hamburger on her twat, I guarantee it. Just Ewe&Me: Now he's got this idea he's going to shave me all over.

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