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You have plenty of time to date and most likely will be alive for the next 80 years.You are just starting to learn about yourself and will be a different person in… for now your too young.when you reach 15 it'll be okay..because gr 8 n 6 sounds soo far apart and he if ain't willing to wait not worthit I agree with the first answer: I think you are too young to be dating.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.It is inappropriate to do it in front of those who keep their love angels for 6 years later.

But some people who never had a boyfriend/girlfriend will say dating is stupid and what's the point.

Keep it simple and social like: going for a bike ride together; going to a school sporting event or concert.

I don't suggest going to a movie because that's not a place where you can talk and get to know each other better.

---- It is bcus middle schoolers have more subjects than elementary schoolers but if ur in elementary you might think it is not fair that middle schoolers have lockers and YOu don't but once you reach 6 th grade second semester or seventh grade ur going to want go back to elementary thanks for hearing my opinion A majority.

This is the start of the second decade of the 21st century.

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What most middle schoolers, myself included, feel is a crush.

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