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As one person noted in his postscript to Rabbi Beryl Wein’s “The Shadchan”, “I would have given anything to have had a matchmaker find a mate for me.Thank goodness they are back where they belong, they deserve all the respect they can get”. If we track the shadchan from the beginning of time, we see an evolution in the needs for the Jewish matchmaking process.The first recorded shadchan was G-d who made the match between Adam and Eve.

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To that end, she uses old-fashioned Shadchan methods, as well as a state of the art technology.

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And the answer is, that “Everything is known to G-d yet free will is given to man”.

But when the road gets rocky and your beshert is hidden, a shadchan can be your guide on this sometimes complicated and convoluted journey.

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In the very early days, the shadchan was essential to keep splintered and isolated communities alive during the time of persecution and pogroms around the medieval times.

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