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In addition to cost concerns, taboos about feminine hair growth, or just sheer embarrassment, can prevent women from seeking treatment (let alone spreading their legs at a waxing salon or presenting their beard to a professional for laser hair There are, of course, those who chose to embrace it, like 23-year-old Harnaam Kaur, who was the only woman to pose for a recent photography exhibition celebrating facial hair (she’d been growing her whiskers since she was 16), or performer and Pratt professor Jennifer Miller, a modern-day bearded lady who proudly subverts the nineteenth century “freak show” staple and used to declare in her sideshow act that “hair is a symbol ofpower.” Science of Us recently spoke with Renae M.Gylbert, a 32-year-old program analyst from Virginia who is living life with a full beard caused by idiopathic hirsutism (Gylbert has a blog and You Tube channel dedicated to the When did you first notice that you had more body hair than other girls? My sister and I laughed about it and I shaved it off and just went about my business.

What other sorts of hair-removal methods did you dabble in? I’ve used epilator devices, creams, waxing, painful self-threading, and in-home laser removal.

Girls don’t realize that shaving is probably the better thing to do to control facial and body hair. My folks split when I was about 10, but I had a pretty sheltered childhood.

When you remove the hair from the root, you’re giving it more energy and your body treats it like a wound, which could cause more blood flow and hormonal activity to the area, strengthening the follicles. I loved video games, especially role-playing ones, and I still do.

A very hairy bush on a woman makes her that much sexier and we can see that and more on this site.

Craving to see a hairy pouch in between a womans legs is every hairy lovers dream.

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