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One gets the subtle hint that it is easy to find a lover, take-out or delivery.

At other times, it seems like folks are looking for something durable, the vaunted secure attachment perhaps, with admonitions to "swipe left" if looking for a hook-up, and frank inquiries—looking for a life partner, 40-something with "eggs on ice." Human sexual behavior has been shifting for decades, if not centuries, and with the advent of internet dating and changes in social mores, notably more open attitudes toward sex, hooking up has become a "thing." While many young people (64 percent) reported ever having engaged in a hook-up, the majority (51 percent) said that they did so with thoughts of starting a romantic relationship, men and women alike (Garcia and Reiber, 2008). More recently, researchers sought to clarify what ingredients go into hooking up on Tinder (Sevi et al., 2017), pinging 163 Tinder users in the United States using an internet survey.

Overall, they found that both sexual disgust sensitivity and sociosexuality predicted motivations to use Tinder for casual sex.

However, analyzing the data for men and women separately, an interesting difference emerged: They found that for women only, sexual disgust sensitivity was directly insignificant; only sociosexuality directly predicted Tinder use for casual sex.

At the end of the day, online dating remains the cyber-sexual equivalent of the Wild, Wild West.

Evidence-based dating sounds funny to the ear, but more and more research is coming to inform the way dating apps work, and this is the advent of big data.

Thrill and trendiness were excluded from the survey because of insufficient statistical reliability.

“You might find that you don’t even like the person,” says Allen.

When sex occurs too soon “It becomes much more difficult to objectively see each other’s character traits” says Susanne Alexander, a relationship coach and author of Can We Dance? “Some couples then slide into engagement and marriage only to discover they have missed seeing major aspects of each other.” Practically speaking, many people desire casual sexual relationships only, with no implied or intended commitment to their sexual partner.

The question of when to have sex in a new relationship continues to perplex many of us. Most of us have learned the hard way, that sex has a way of complicating relationships, and never more so than when it is with a new person.

Joan Allen, a relationship expert and author of Celebrating Single and Getting Love Right: From Stalemate to Soulmate says “wait as long as you can.” Her rationale for this statement may seem like obvious and sound advice to some of us, but to others it may sound old-fashioned.

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