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Most men aren’t secure enough to do this, but great naturals from Errol Flynn to Casanova to George Clooney make fun of themselves all the time… Obviously if an insecure guy said, “Yeah, you’d never like me… she’ll feel driven to REJECT YOU to prove the point that “Hey, you’re an imperfect person just like me”. I don’t know if I’d even hire you myself…” If you do it in the right way, you not only create what I call “sexual tension” but you also send the message that “I’ve got pretty high self-esteem, because I’m going to mess with you, you ‘powerful woman’…” It sounds like a normal conversation on the surface, but on another level it’s a very SEXUAL form of communication.

I’m just a dumb ass” he’d miss the mark COMPLETELY. This is why many guys who are great with women CONSCIOUSLY inject a hint of vulnerability into their interactions with women. When someone asked Cary Grant how he’s so successful with women, he said, “I’ll tell women that I can’t get it up”. Women need to understand that although you’re great with women, you have a human, imperfect side to you as well. Make Boring Things EXCITING Zan agreed with me on an important point… Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview ©2006, All Rights Reserved. To get a better idea of what he’s talking about when he says this…

Go to: Wing Girls teach men to attract women from a female perspective.

At the south-western foot of Bukit China there is located a well that is believed to be the oldest existing well in Malacca.

I spent a lot of my early life looking at attractive women and thinking “Wow, if I could get one of THOSE… they’re so rare and valuable…” Well, I love looking at things from perspectives no one has considered before… She means a guy who can see the humor in EVERYTHING… and you meet an attractive woman in a business suit who’s obviously very successful.

and when I looked at this from the WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE… Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview ©2006, All Rights Reserved. men who have their lives together, both inside and out… and has the confidence to find it even when it means finding the humor in HIMSELF. After a few minutes of conversation, she mentions that she just got a promotion… I bet you stand around the water cooler chatting with your friends…

Under the orders of sultan Mansur Syah, the well was dug for his consort, the princess Hang Li Poh.

However there is no single evidence about the existence of princess Hang Li Poh in Chinese imperial records. Malaysian Cupid is the best Malaysian online dating website which focuses on helping Western men to find beautiful women from Malaysia.

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