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They used to do that back in the days of leather football helmets, but with the speed and physicality of the game today, you would be walking in bad shape without a facemask.Not only do facemasks protect your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, jaw, and chin, but they can look pretty darn intimidating while doing it.That means less fatigue, quicker movements, and better overall performance.In addition to the rise in popularity of titanium, big grill style facemasks also have become exceptionally popular.If you still have questions, please contact us at [email protected] If you have a Air XP, you will need Super-Pro masks.On our home helmet page, you can choose what kind of helmet you have and it will take you to the appropriate mask page.Wearing beaks stuffed with herbs, the doctors looked like crows, offering the victims of the plague even more terror as they lay on their death beds.We don’t know about you but we’re really glad we’ve moved to a time when scary Halloween masks are just for shrieks and giggles instead of being medically endorsed.

You’re not limited to these featured creatures either.

Horror looks have always been associated with Halloween and although nowadays it's common to see silly and pop culture looks as well as the frightful things while out trick or treating, horror looks will always be considered classically 'Halloween'.

If you are looking for an easy way to get a really frightening and scary look for your costume party or for a haunted house or spook alley, these masks are a great place to start.

We stock a massive amount of facemasks in all different colors that are just waiting to be shipped to your door so you can get in the game this weekend.

Facemasks have evolved over the years to become stronger, lighter, and more intricate in their designs.

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