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According to the MBTI, here are some of the top strengths and weaknesses of the INTP personality type: INTP Strengths: Their genuine compassion, high level of intelligence, and sincerity make INTPs incredibly appealing to partners.Furthermore, INTPs are always full of ideas, which often pleasantly surprise partners.However, their inferior function pushes them to surround themselves with people whom they love.This is often prompted by overwhelming loneliness or emptiness.

The INTP personality type is often described as aloof, self-focused, and witty.

So, out of the 16 MBTI personality types, what are the other types?

Here is a list of each personality type, and their nicknames: Furthermore, the INTP personality type can be broken down into two categories: INTP-A and INTP-T.

INTPs are excited by the thought of having a partner, and thoroughly enjoy being around others and in long-term relationships.

On the other hand, because INTPs are highly independent, the thought of long-term relationships scares them.

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