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You want an audience that’s had maybe one glass of wine but you don’t want people so drunk that they start doing stupid shit like the Schlapps did. So, she only went at Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a minute and a half, and I’ve never seen anything like this: When she started her routine, the entire dais started giving her this sourpuss face. Jon Karl is someone the president called “stupid” three days prior to that, so I thought that was odd. I think they definitely mistook her for African American.

And the woman who actually hired Michelle, Margaret Talev, told a fascinating story about being the child of Hungarian immigrants, and she got a standing ovation talking about how we’re a country of immigrants. And there have only been five women in the history of the dinner who have hosted.

I’ve never heard of a news organization banning a comedian for life. Honestly, there are some of my friends who I don’t want to be photographed with me and post it, because then they’ll get some of the death threats that are all over my timeline. That was unique because that’s a whole other level.

When my lawyer first told me that, I thought it was a joke.

So you’re saying that TMZ targeting you came from a TMZ-to-Trump pipeline. The narrative that got out about me was so insane, and it happened so fast. But I was the first celebrity where they decided, in Don Jr.’s words, we’re going to “decimate” her. When something like that happens, you find out who your real friends are. I had personal friends tweeting against me saying I was ruining the Resistance!

It was Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet, then Melania’s statement, then……On the subject of the Melania statement, she said that their son saw the image of you holding up the mask on television and thought it was his father. He tweeted that CNN should ban me for life, and I wasn’t even a CNN employee—I hosted a special one night a year—and they did it! I thought, how much capitulating are we going to do here? And then I had right-wing people saying I was a member of ISIS, because that’s plausible. And then I get a call from my lawyer two days later saying, “The Department of Justice called, and you’re under investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States.” What was that like, being under investigation by the Do J?

As opposed to you having to pay out all those women you sexually harassed? I was very confused by the backlash to Michelle Wolf’s set. She didn’t go for the jugular but what was interesting was she really quoted them a lot and threw the quotes back in their faces.

He really needs to delete his Twitter account and go away. So you were at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Michelle. And honestly, her jokes, you could almost fact-check them.” Even her most liberal of friends took to shaming her in the media. Instead of curling up in a ball, Griffin constructed a stand-up comedy act—some pathos, mostly humor—around her trying ordeal.And, after performing it in several Trump-unfriendly countries, she’s ready to bring the act stateside. I’ve never even played it,” Griffin tells me, beaming.So I thought, OK, this is getting off on the right foot. Wilbur Ross was there, which I thought was just funny. Paula Poundstone was the first to host, and she was criticized for her outfit!And the whole Sarah Huckabee Sanders “smokey eye” thing, I mean, that was not a comment on her “physical appearance,” as many have misstated.

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Hours earlier, Tyler Shields, a photographer who trades in empty acts of pop-culture provocation, had leaked an image of his to the gossip site TMZ.

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