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Arabian Nights is orchestrated by AL-GAMEA, a group formed in 2004 by three gay Arab men dedicated to creating a forum for support, socialization, education and awareness, in an area that's home to the largest and most visible Arab-American community in the country.

One of the most popular sites is gayarab.com, which was started by GLAS, the Gay and Lesbian Arabic Society.In November last year, the Associated Press reported a raid on a gay wedding in the United Arab Emirates, and that the two dozen men arrested faced a sentence of forced hormone treatments (the Interior Ministry later denied considering such a sentence after an international protest ensued).Just weeks ago, the UN confirmed that gay Iraqis are being targeted for kidnapping and murder by Shi'ite death squads in response to a death-to-gays fatwa issued by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. His eyes are constantly roaming the Male Box, and he can't sit still for more than a moment.It's extremely hard because of your culture, your parents. "They think you're a sick person, that you're not supposed to live. The idea developed after a gay pride march in 2004, when the three men got together with friends to watch a documentary, I Exist, about gays and lesbians in the Middle East."We watched it and thought, 'we do exist' and we need something like that here," Sebastian says.

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As he recovered in the hospital, his younger brother shot him in the leg.

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