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Extended which allows you to (among other features not covered by this article) perform batch Update and Delete statements using a single SQL call. Extended does not yet have a bulk Insert method; however, I have written one based on Paul’s excellent foundation code. Bulk Insert takes a List of objects of type T and executes one or more SQL bulk insert statements. Net, if you are inserting a very large number of records, the Bulk Insert may have to break it up into smaller chunks.

After hours of searching, the only thing I had found was that everyone agreed this was a problem, but nobody had a solution.

My other SQL lessons dealt exclusively with viewing data.

The ability to query a table provides the help desk pro with a powerful troubleshooting tool.

Here are some of the issues to remember: You replace column1 and column2 with the names of the columns (or fields) from your table.

You replace value1 and value2 with the corresponding values for those columns.

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