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Deflated, you pay for your coffee and head out, realizing that none of the people with whom you interact daily are ever going to be true love interests. If so, you may want to consider putting in a word with some non locals.

You may fare much better in the romance department if you consider dating someone outside your zip code.

We are Michelle and Frank, authors of The Long Distance Relationship Workbook and Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work.

If you are in a long distance relationship, then you have come to the right spot!

Here are five reasons why: You may have outgrown your neighborhood, but haven’t yet made a leap to somewhere new.

One other significant way that social media has changed […] Read more Daters beware of relationship frauds Finding love online can be very fulfilling.

If you found this site because you have been questioning whether or not a long distance relationship can work and are looking for an answer, the answer is yes: LDRs can and do work.

Frank and I are just a single example; there are many more if you just look around our site.

I have been a long-time user of the Latin dating site Amo and I have to say that it's been a blessing to talk and meet such wonderful people from all over the globle.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog about long distance relationships.

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