Loveair dating airline workers

I wouldn't waste people's time for this or just so I can ask for attention.

Second, thank you for those who gave me informative things about what it means being a pilot or dating one and it seems to me that I could possibly be one of many side chicks or just a side chick.

Third, some of you think I shouldn't give him the time of day and even confront him because it's very obvious that he's lying and hiding things from me since his lack of reaching out and what he has told me seems fishy.

Some of you think I'm being dumb and naive or ignorant but I came into this post genuinely asking for advice and you all have opened my eyes that my questions that I had in the back of my head were huge red flags and actual concerns.

Recently started dating a guy who was my first love in high school and is now a commercial airline pilot.

The relationship is fairly new, so I don't know much about his job and the responsibilities it asks of him.

As the others have said, something sounds fishy here.

I was also thinking he flew international freight or charter with that schedule, not for somewhere like Southwest.

Definitely want someone to put in the same effort if I am willing to as well.That was never necessary because I would hear from him as soon as he had Wi Fi should he be out of the country.That’d either be the hotel or even at the airport itself.Not only do they have wifi or access of some sort, IT IS REQUIRED.Pilots need internet access for checking weather and filing flight plans.

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