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There are woman in the church with skirts down to their knees and turtle necks sleeping with all the deacons.

People love to talk about correcting folks in the church as their duty. As the saying goes, “punish in private, praise in public.” And since that woman has no personal relationship with Meagan it was not her place to attempt to school her in public.“After a rough past, the woman waited until marriage to have sex with her husband…

But I just want to say to that young lady, however you feel, if that’s how you feel pray for me and I love you and God bless you. But as much as I appreciate him standing up for his wife, there was one particular part of his response, some are calling it a clapback, that rubbed me the wrong way.

I could address what she said and it’ll take me a while to address it because I have very specific feelings about that. In a world where it seems like every other Black man is ready to throw a Black woman under the bus, this image, his message and his fervor, is important to see. And his reaction and her tears afterward seem to illustrate the love these two have for one another.

And this is hard because sometimes (you say) “I want him to look like this and he’s gotta be that” and all of these things. Is her story an illustration of how keeping God first can help you find your better half?

As she’s only been married for about a year or so, many people are skeptical of her ‘newlywed’ bliss talking.

The panel entitled, “Black Love and Relationships” featured Good, Franklin and other long-time married couples who discussed what it takes to make ‘happily ever after.’ The new Mrs.

“So in terms of dating, I would just say date less and be more intentional in your dating.I’m sure by now you’ve seen that the couple is touring the country, promoting their new book The Wait which is about their celibacy as they dated one another. So Instead of worrying about what someone has on, consider what YOU put on every day.There’s no controversy in that, it’s a beautiful thing. The bible says “Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.However, since the couple did date for a while prior to marriage, is it safe to say they have experience with overcoming some obstacles so they can give advice to other young couples?While I’m not married, I don’t know that I would knock their advice as it seems to have worked for them.

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So if you wanna hang with me, just know that you’re getting the not serious brother right now.” Be honest… And I married one because I was open to God’s plan for my life…” By keeping his option open, he was able to marry a woman who had admittedly done the work on herself in order to attract the type of husband she wanted and could build longevity with.

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