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Through the ether of the internet, we wiped each other's tears and cheered each other's triumphs. Of course, I usually had a bra on as well as plain and functional white cotton panties. " I felt my heart begin beating a little faster as I turned from the sink and faced my son.I work as the manager of a flower shop and while we're not rich, we do get by okay. Now I think I'm pretty good looking for a woman of forty-one.As I already said, I love the chat sites and came to make many friends online over the last few years. I'm five foot, three inches tall, and maybe I could lose a few pounds, but I had a great little figure -- my breast size being 36d, my tits look larger on my little frame and my legs are good.We were also proud mothers, bragging about our sons and their accomplishments as they made their way towards graduation and laughed and fretted about their own adventures with love as they went through puppy love and then first serious crushes and heartbreaks as well as their misadventures -- Donna and I consoling each other when we had to punish them for some silly thing or another. I felt my pussy tingle afresh as we talked about our boys peeking at us. " I moaned a little, and a fresh trickle of juices oozed from my cunt as I slipped a finger inside, shivering a little as my labia clasped my probing digit. EVEN CHANGED MY PANTIES AND BRA AND GAVE HIM A LITTLE SHOW WALKING AROUND THE ROOM NAKED! It would be interesting to see how long it took my eighteen year old son to notice. I know I'm not objective about my own flesh and blood, but I think John is a handsome young man.As time went on, Donna and I became so close in our internet chats, we found ourselves able to talk about the intimate details of our lives -- almost no detail of our sex lives were kept back from each other, as we described the rare occasions we had lovers as well as what we liked sexually. This was naughty talk and it felt like nothing had before. I remembered a moment a few weeks ago as I was drying off in the bathroom and John has walked in unexpectedly, finding me fully naked. ) I GOT A LITTLE TURNED ON AND DECIDED TO TEASE HIM. I groaned a little and plunged three fingers into my pussy. John came bounding in a little before six o'clock from baseball practice. He towers over his short mother, standing just a hair shy of six feet and has lost most of his youthful slimness, his chest and arms becoming that of a man.

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I have never owned a webcam nor do I have time to chat (when would I have time to write? I will be interested to get your feedback, not only about the story, but about how I structured the story as well. " Donna: I DON'T KNOW -- MAYBE WE SHOULD BOTH FIND A WAY TO TEASE THE BOYS BETWEEN NOW AND TOMORROW NIGHT AND WE'LL TELL EACH OTHER WHAT WE DID. I saw my son off to school, driving away in his second hand beater of a car and then racing off to work myself.

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