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The same number is recorded in the register so that you can cross refer between the two record types.

In the registers were recorded: At The National Archives, these registers and representations have been split into various record series, each one determined by the most recent Act of Parliament in place when they were registered.

If you did not know the date that the design was registered, and in some instances even if you did, you would need to follow these steps: Diamond marks were printed, engraved or otherwise marked on an object to authenticate its copyright registration and add a layer of protection against fraud.

Diamond marks were only in use between 18 and only for objects registered under the terms of the 1842 Ornamental Designs Act.

If searching in these series proves fruitless, you’ll need to consult the tables in sections 5 and 8 to 11 and follow the step by step instructions here below: Search instructions Let’s suppose we are looking for the representation of a glass vase with design number 52300.

Registration protected the decorative elements of the design from being copied and manufactured without permission.

Details of how an item worked – the mechanics of the design – were protected separately, by patents of invention (though patents did slip into the registered design records sometimes).

Where listings have been enhanced the extra details include: In some instances, you can also search by proprietor using the indexes to proprietors which were created as part of the original records but you will need to visit us to use them.

See the tables in sections 5 to 11 for details of which records come with indexes.

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