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Thus, only people who have gone through the process of signing up for the service are searched for a match.

One solution to this problem is to have users register in multiple services.

Various embodiments may be capable of dynamically updating match search results based on user activity.

Some embodiments may be capable of enhancing match search results by reducing the impact of restrictive user preferences.

Another problem is that the search results of these services contain many irrelevant entities to the searcher.

This costs the user of the service time and may deter them from continuing through all of the search results.

In another embodiment, a method for profile matching comprises receiving a plurality of user profiles, each user profile comprising traits of a respective user.

It also comprises identifying a second user profile of the plurality of user profiles as a potential match for the first user based on the scoring.

The method further comprises identifying commonality between a third user profile of the plurality of user profiles and the second user profile.

61/793,866, entitled “SOCIAL MATCHING SYSTEM AND METHOD,” filed Mar. Networking architectures have grown increasingly complex in communications environments.

One problem that has arisen is that matching services are limited to searching for matches only within their own platform.

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