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The following configuration snippets can be implemented on Apache or Nginx servers.The advanced configuration snippets should only be used by those who are experienced in modifying .htaccess files. (wp-postpass|wordpress_logged_in|comment_author)_ Rewrite Cond %%%%-f Rewrite Rule ^(.*) %%%[L] The PHP snippet below can be used to clear the cache via a third party such as a Cron Job for example.To convert images to Webp, use the Cache Enabler plugin in conjunction with the Optimus Image Optimizer Plugin and enable the Webp options on both plugins.The Word Press Cache Enabler parses the jpeg and png images located in your upload directory to see if there is an equivalent Web P image (generated by Optimus).

header to help the browser determine whether the content has changed since the creation of the static cached file.To find the ID, you can hover over a page or post title from the main list page and see the page or post idea at the bottom left of the page like so: All the cache and settings are configured to work individually for each site.Therefore, you can clear the cache on site 1, while site 2 and 3 will retain their cache.Furthermore, the default Cache Enabler setup should satisfy the majority of use-cases. (wp-postpass|wordpress_logged_in|comment_author)_ Rewrite Cond % image/webp Rewrite Cond %%%%-f Rewrite Rule ^(.*) %%%[L] # default HTML file Rewrite Cond % /$ Rewrite Cond % ! The first section initializes the Word Press environment, normally this PHP file should be located in your Word Press root directory.Note: This configuration is optional and is not necessary to implement in order to use the Cache Enabler plugin. (wp-postpass|wordpress_logged_in|comment_author)_ Rewrite Cond % gzip Rewrite Cond %%%%gz -f Rewrite Rule ^(.*) %%%gz [L] Add Type text/html Add Encoding gzip # webp HTML file Rewrite Cond % /$ Rewrite Cond % !

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