Possible solutions dating violence

One in four women say they have been victims of domestic violence, according to studies.

“We have programs for very young children that have shown improvements, and programs that target older kids too. But it's true we don’t have data that goes very far out.

The video of Ray Rice striking his (then) fiancée Janay Palmer, while the two were riding in a hotel elevator, has started a national conversation about domestic violence. Will it somehow lead to less domestic violence in the future—or, barring that, more help for its victims? As it happens, last week marked the twentieth anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act.

The law poured billions of dollars into law enforcement, helping authorities to identify incidents of abuse, prosecute offenders, and help victims. Two decades later, incidents of reported domestic violence have fallen by more 70 percent, according to the best available evidence.

And precisely because VAWA has made so much progress, getting the numbers down farther may be even harder.

To get a sense of what the next steps should be, I canvassed about a dozen researchers and advocates, with expertise spanning psychology, sociology, and law enforcement.

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"The demand for services far exceeds the supply," says Stewart.

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