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That whole "omg, don't I look, like, so effing hot in my rainbow colored Lulu Lemon yoga pants and drinking my gluten-free sugar-free (fun-free) totally organic freshly squeezed green juice omg I hafta, like, totally IG this and send it to my BFF because its the best thing since baby unicorns and fat-free froyo #blessed" thing is just not my bag, baby. A girl who can eat a nice steak is fucking sexy..unfortunately, a dying breed. I don't know about you, but if I had my way, every man on the planet would learn how to prepare Puerco Pibil. Place the cubed pork butt in a large zip lock bag and add the marinade. Cover with Banana leaves and seal the pan with foil.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against trying to eat clean and be healthy - but I hate how people act like lemmings and jump into a diet or "lifestyle" trend just because it is touted by a few popular girls as the new black. In fact, it should be a prerequisite before marriage. Soak 4-6 hours, in refrigerator, turning several times.

If you are looking to crew, then why not post your dream trip.

Today is the start day of the 2 month trip from Montenegro to the UK.

The “town” first got its start as just a railroad siding called San Jose, named for the San Jose River to the south.

It was located at the point where old Route 66 and the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad tracks converged.The post office closed its doors forever in 1960, at about the same time as the town was bypassed by I-40.The old bar building appears to be the only building left in Correo today, other than a scattering of houses and foundation remains in the area.Some eighteen miles beyond Los Lunas on the western side of the Rio Grande River is New Mexico’s Mystery Stone, also referred to as the Inscription Rock.Believe it or not, this ancient petroglyph has cast doubt on whether Christopher Columbus or the Norsemen were truly America’s first explorers.

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My name is Catherine aka Comrade Von Pussycat, this blog is a cheeky homage to all of the Bond girls I grew up watching on screen and aspiring to be like.

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